Best Wintertime Activities for Families with Babies

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!  Looking for ideas to beat the winter blues with your baby? What better way than to stay in and enjoy the cozy indoors.   Now, it’s time to get creative. Here are a few excellent ideas of how you can enjoy the season minus the freeze:


    Enjoy bubble baths


If you have a bathtub at home, why not create a magical bubble room for you and your baby? Simply put some bubble bath in the tub and let your baby enjoy the water play. You can even bring a few toys along with you that are in need of a clean or a bottle of bubbles with you for additional fun. It may not be summer anymore, but what’s stopping you from pretending you’re at the beach?


   Read together


Infants can’t fully comprehend the magic of a good book. That’s alright since just listening to you read aloud is enough to get them excited. The older they get, though, the more fun it will be! Most babies between 6 and 12 months can mimic what you’re saying and make sense of the words you’re mouthing. Plus, it’s nice to get them started on the habit of reading early.


    Make music


Music is a very sensory experience. Let your baby experiment with different sounds by playing with lids, pots, and pans. Just make sure to steer away from sharp and heavy objects that can be dangerous. Instead, make use of wooden, metal or plastic items that can do your baby no harm. There are also many music toy kits made for small children that are safe and include bells and xylophones.  Those are great for including a wider range of sounds.  Infants do best with anything percussion.  It’s also great for developing eye-hand coordination.


     Play with a ball


Keep your baby entertained while improving his or her hand-eye coordination, grab a ball.  Gently bounce the ball and tell your baby to catch it on the bounce.  If your baby is too young to catch, roll it on the floor and encourage your baby to do roll it back to you. If you’re feeling extra creative, make a maze out of pillows and cushions, and prompt your baby to follow the ball through the maze.  The sky’s the limit and it’s up to you how far you’d like to take this activity.


   Build a pillow fort


No matter how old one gets, a pillow fort is always a good idea. So, it’s time to feel no guilt as you indulge yourself by taking a fort nap with your baby. Make it as cozy as you can get by adding some pillows, blankets and a sheet or two. You can even take your reading into the fort if you want some extra cozy.


     Create a sensory box for your baby


Babies love to get their hands on everything.  Make it easy for them to play and discover new sounds and textures by creating your very own sensory box. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate to be fun. In fact, it can be as simple as a big cardboard or a plastic box that you fill with rice, pasta, beans, straws and what not. Just make sure to observe your baby at all times.  Young children are also notorious for putting random things in their mouths and noses.


    Try edible finger painting


There is no better time to inspire creativity at home than a cold winter day. So, grab some edible finger paint in your local art supply store and let your baby’s inner Picasso run wild. It is best to put a newspaper down on the table or the floor to make the cleanup fast and easy. Another great version is to use shaving cream for finger painting.  It gets them clean, smells great, and is easy to clean up. Best of all, it doesn’t stain clothing or furniture.


    Host an afternoon tea party


As routines can get especially boring, why not host a tea party at home?  Make a big event out of it by getting your baby to dress up in fancy clothes and serving bite-sized goodies on trays. You can even invite a few stuffed friends to sit around the table. It’s really up to you how fancy you want to get.

Here are some more ideas if you can’t stand another minute of house arrest with your baby:


     Go for a walk in the mall


Sometimes, you don’t have to go far to have some fun. Truth is, just a change of pace will do you and your baby some good. If you live close to a mall, spend an afternoon there just walking around. You don’t have to shop. Just indulge in all the sights and sounds or spend some time in the play area if the mall has one.


     Take your baby swimming


Many recreational centers offer swimming lessons at indoor pools during the winter. This season is an incredibly good time to get your baby started on learning how to swim and be safe in the water. By the time summer comes around, he or she will be ready to splash around and have some real fun!


    Enroll in group classes


It may very well be that your local library or YMCA is hosting some baby or toddler winter classes. Try infant massage, toddler yoga, music, and dance classes. It doesn’t hurt to check out classes that you are interested in doing in tandem with your baby. On top of keeping you busy and warm, the social time is good for both you and your baby.


    Plan a play date


If you know a few mamas in your neighborhood, chances are they are also struggling with cabin fever.  Give them a call and invite them over for a play date. Not only will your little one to have some fun around other babies, it also helps you build a local support system.



Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t do anything fun with your baby. With these ideas, you’re surely going to enjoy the winter season without a problem!

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